Pescara is the most populous centre of Abruzzo. It is located on the coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea and during the summer it becomes an acclaimed seaside resort. This city provides a wide range of activities for every season.

Ponte del mare
Ponte del Mare is the first thing you should see in Pescara. Given its futuristic look, it has become one of the symbols of the city since its inauguration in 2009. The aim of this bridge is to connect two paths of the Adriatic cycle route that one day will unite Trieste and Puglia. It is 466 mt long and offers a splendid view on the Port of Pescara, Majella and Gran Sasso. Its distinctive curved path at the end of the promenade of Pescara is illuminated by LEDs that change color and make it the main undisputed protagonist of all the selfies.

Casa di D’Annunzio (The Hause of D’Annunzio)
You can’t miss the opportunity to see the halls on the first floor of the building where Gabriele D’Annunzio was born and spent his childhood. You will feel like time travelling while looking at the perfectly preserved nineteenth century forniture. In addition, inside the building you will find books, photos and relics that tell the story of one of the greatest Italian writers. Gabriele D’Annunzio Birthplace Museum is located in Corso Manthonè, 111 and is open for visits from 8.30 am to 19.30 pm.

The Promenade
Pescara is a lively city and the entertainment goes on until late at night. It is known for the long promenade that continues along the uninterrupted beach until it reaches the city of Montesilvano. During the day you can relax at the bathing establishments that often provide entertainment programs and swimming pools. In the evening, you’ll be delighted by the restaurants overlooking the sea that guarantee a pleasant evening with many excellent dishes for all tastes and fresh cocktails while listening to good live music.

Trabocchi Coast


The Trabocchi are the symbol of our region. They are located on the southern part of the coast of Abruzzo, between Ortona and Vasto.

The sight of them triggers a wide range of emotions: they seem like inanimate creatures heading towards the water.

Pineta d’Avalos and Ex Aurum


Pineta d’Avalos is a pine forest, also called Pineta Dannunziata, and it’s one of the many protected natural reserves in the region of Abruzzo where you can enjoy the varied fauna and flora.

It is possible to take part to guided tours and educational workshops (free or paid-for) all year round. During the summer season Pineta d’Avalos is used for outdoor events.

Ex Aurum
The Aurum is a liquor made from orange infusion and brandy. It is said that the name was chosen by D’Annunzio and it’s one of the specialties of Pescara. In the Pineta you will find the imposing horseshoe-shaped structure known as ex Aurum, the old distillery where the liquor was produced. Nowadays, many events take place there.



The small town of Penne is located near Pescara and it’s worth a visit. In 2012 it was nominated as one of the loveliest villages of Italy because of all the historic center buildings made of brick.

This is the reason why it’s called ‘the City of Brick’ but we cannot fail to mention the great amount of Churches in and out the city center. In proximity to Penne there is the regional nature reserve ”Lake of Penne” (Lago di Penne).

A peculiarity about Penne: the town is located at the exact same distance between the Adriatic Sea and Gran Sasso.

Majella National Park


If you love nature and the mountains, you can’t miss the opportunity to go hiking in the Majella National Park!

You can access the Park directly from Lettomanoppello on the north side of Pescara. There you will reach the famous and relaxing village Caramanico Terme with its termal baths and
the Nature Reserve of Orfento Valley. In addition, you can find a variety of interesting cave hermitages, such as Sant’Onofrio all’Orfento and Santo Spirito a Majella.

Food and Wine


The culinary art of this region is well-known for the predominant agro-pastoral tradition that favours sheep meat, cheese and herbs. The relevance of intense flavours are perfectly represented by the famous ‘arrosticini’, also known as ‘rustelle’, cooked on the grill.

The wines of Abruzzo are also known as one of the most appreciated regional productions in the world. The hills of Pescara are the perfect spot to visit some fascinating wine cellars.

Choosing Abruzzo as your destination for Holidays means being enriched by strong and delicious flavours.